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. Company profile
The KOMOBO-TARGO Llc.offers mobile maintanance and reparation services for forklifts and cargolifts since 2004. As an official service partner of the Bär Cargolift GmbH, repairing machines with guarantee letters is also possible with us.
Thanks to the latest technological improvements and the educated crew, our partners rely this family-owned company everywhere in Hungary.
Our services may be demanded non-stop, including the weekends and public holidays.
Due to direct relations to international factories, reasonable prices are set for both spare parts and machine maintanance services.

. The crew
Béla Bordás, the Director General of the company, has 28 years experience in reparation of forklifts and 8 years in cargolift maintanance services.
György Flegár takes over further improvement services, as of working in the industry for 38 years so far.
Edit Bordás fulfills financial, administrative and marketing roles in the company. She is the one to contact upon service request.

. Contact details
Company name: KOMOBO-TARGO KFT.
Address: 37. Budafoki street , Érd , Hungary 2030
Information: +36 30 398-6075
Mobile: +36 30 684 6216, +36 30 684 6243
Tel/fax: +36 23 374 825
Email address:
Tax number: 13335553-2-13